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  • The Talk

    The Talk

    Do you say what you mean?

    Do you express your true self effectively? Or do words fail you?

    When your mouth opens, whose voice comes out?

    Being someone you're not is hard work. Being you is easy…once you get past persona.


  • The Walk

    The Walk

    Do you mean what you say?

    Do you honor your words? Can people count on what you say?

    If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Talk your walk and then walk your talk. That protects the power of your words.

  • The Grace

    The Grace

    Do you say what you mean and mean what you say WITHOUT being mean when you say it?

    Are your words weapons, or expressions of wisdom?

    Sincerity is far more effective than brutal honesty. The SpeakStrong Method is gracefully effective.

  • The Method

    The Method

    What is your communication method?

    Do you prepare for important conversations? Or do you wing it?

    It’s amazing what deliberate communication skill practice can do to help you express your true self effectively.


  • The Path

    The Path

    You can go cheap or go deep.

    Persona projects an image. Personhood radiates you. Which will it be?

    The SpeakStrong Method isn’t for everyone. Let me help you tap in to the power of being “youer than you” and to express your true self effectively.

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arms crossed 300 Persona or Personhood?

Looking for some tips to push your weight around? This isn't the place. Looking for a way to express your true self effectively? This is for you. Read on.

I'm sitting at a table with conference attendees the day after my keynote. One woman tells me:

"During your talk, I turned to the gal sitting next to me and said: 'Meryl just said the opposite of what the speaker before her said.'"

"Thanks for noticing!" I

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Balloon NB 300 I Want to Help You SpeakStrong

Express your true self effectively. That's what Speaking Strong is all about! There are so many ways to tap in to your own authentic power. The resources below are just a few.

While communication excellence takes knowledge and skill, we know that Excellence Takes Practice. We aren't about theory here at SpeakStrong. We're about talking the walk AND walking the talk. 

So when we invite you to join us in our adventure, we're

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Gift NB.300 Start Now Free

This page offers a plethora of fantastic tools and free resources.   Start with the Online Tools, where you can take the Communication Style Inventory and learn what style you lead with.  Online Tools also contains inspirational movies, an interactive exercise and a tutorial on how to use PowerPhrases!  You can view the SpeakStrong database of helpful articles, subcribe to the newsletter, blog, or quote of the day . There are also some free downloadable posters at

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Meryl seated color top-300H

I Works With Words Because Our Voices Matter

Hi. I’m Meryl Runion Rose. It pains me when good hearted and wise people are unable to speak the truth - unable to influence a situation. I'm talking about myself here sometimes too. When I know my input is just what a situation needs, it's important to be able to give it. 

I earned an MSCI, and a CSP. I identify more with my perspective as a  Communication Alchemist. I know the

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SpeakStrong Method Intro Overview

SpeakStrong Kata

Communication Excellence Takes
Practice. Here's how.

What is your Communication Style?

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communcation planHello Everyone! Cassia here,

Meryl and I have been going through the eLearning and practicing what we preach, so to speak.  Week One of the eLearning asks you to reflect on you communication past and I wanted to share some of the things I have learned in my communication journey.

When I first came to work for Meryl three months ago, I felt fairly confident in my abilities as a communicator. I had pride in my ability to resolve confrontations and felt my communication with those around me was clear and kind.

It wasn’t until I spent some time helping Meryl refine her descriptions of the four communication styles, that I began to reflect on my own style and voice. It was like wiping the mirror clean of all of that debris that had blurred my image before; like lifting a veil; like walking into a brick wall. I realized how I would change my style with different individuals but mainly identified with the Achiever style.

All of those times I thought I was resolving confrontations, I was actually just avoiding them because I was following my inner Harmonizer. Every time I thought I was being clear and kind, I was mostly being objective and cold in Analyzer mode. I would overshoot my abilities, make promises that would cause me undo stress, and push myself much harder than was healthy in my Achiever style.

It didn’t stop there. I also began to realize the styles that are prevalent in those around me. I saw them in a different light, and learned new compassion for how they spoke with me and those around them. I learned how to speak with others on a different level than before.  I realized how important reactions are and that people will lead with a different style in different situations. I was no different, and I adapted the way I would approach others based on what I had learned

In the last three months I’ve been in multiple situations where I have asked myself, “What would Meryl do?” Usually, I feel that answer is, "She would be honest."  Recognizing the need for honesty, and having a model for it, has helped me overcome my usual tendency to whine to myself about a situation rather than bringing it out in the open.

An example of this is when my computer was having severe issues a few weeks ago. It turned out that the technician that had previously "fixed" it was at fault.  I had suspected it was their fault, but had my suspicions dismissed several times.  When the truth finally came out, I didn't even think to ask for a refund, even though I was due one.  It was my nonconfrontational side, or harmonizer self, coming out.  It took a little nudging from Meryl, but I asked for a refund and was given one without hesitation.  You can read the whole story here.

My first lesson from this experience was to be honest with myself.  I knew what was wrong the whole time and was proven right at the end.  I also needed to realize that I was in the right to receive a refund and all I needed to do was ask for it.  Asking "What would Meryl do?" has saved me time, money, and a lot of stress.

In the past, I have feared hurting people’s feelings and will even question my own opinions when someone challenges them.  It’s usually not until later, after inward reflection, that I realize that I was right all along and should have stood my ground for what I believed in. That’s where PowerPhrases come in handy.

I have also learned that it’s good to have positive feedback; however, it’s just as important to hear how things really are.  You can’t fear stepping on a few toes.  It gets people to look up and around and observe themselves. If they can be mature about it then they can grow from it. The same applies to myself, and I’ve grown a lot from it already.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, and one I’m still learning, is that I shouldn’t gauge my accomplishments by tangible results.  I love learning new things and gaining new skills.  I am learning to observe myself as an accomplishment and not just what I did that day. 

It’s been a journey!  I feel like I’ve made a lot of changes and that Meryl and I have both progressed a lot in our relationship.  It’s been more beneficial to me than I can really describe.  These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned over the last three months, but man, aren’t they fantastic things to know and use?

I want to thank Meryl for her commitment to me, her honesty, and her guidance.
I didn’t come to SpeakStrong or Meryl even thinking I had any issues with my communication style and I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Imagine how much this method can help you, if you know something needs to change? Awareness really is the first step, and the method helps you understand yourself more fully. There’s really no waiting. If you want change, start now. You can only benefit from this method. I know I have.

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