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party boxImagine you created an event that you had been dreaming about for years. You weren't sure if it would fail or succeed. You poured your heart and soul into it. And when the big day came, the turnout far exceeded your expectations and several people insisted that you offer events like that regularly. 

That's what Beth did. It was the realization of a dream for her. And yet when it was over, she went home and cried most of the afternoon.

To a linear logical mind, that makes no sense at all. But neither man nor woman is ruled by logic (logos) alone. There's also emotion. Interestingly, the Greek word for that is pathos, which is also the word for suffering or experience. I like the word experience much better. It's only suffering if you resist it.

Beth didn't resist at all. She cried all afternoon, slept ten hours and basked in the afterglow the next day.

That doesn't make sense to everyone. But it makes sense to me. And if it makes sense to you too, I vote you most likely to succeed in the long run.

My congratulations to Beth! 

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