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Yesterday was the first day in the second trimester of my Lean2Life Quest/experiment. December 24th 2012, Christmas Eve Day, I began my year-long mission to restructure and redesign my life from the inside out. My goals were vague. My plan was to let a plan unfold. An important guiding principle was to stop starting and start finishing.

I knew I aspired to create space for grace, ease and flow in my life. I knew I aspired to be able to enjoy my weekends and evenings with the sense of completion. I knew I wanted to tend to neglected areas of my world, solve ongoing problems, and build strong foundations for future endeavors. I was struck by the dream theme Marion Woodmen shares: "Your hymns will never make it to heaven until you clean up the mess in your basement." If she/you/I want to aim high, we need strong, stable foundations.

It's hard to believe I'm a third through the process already. There is so much left to do that it's easy to overlook what I've achieved so far. So I made a list. You can read about it here.


I wasn't sure I wanted to do a review, because I don't want to put any pressure on myself to show results at this point. That's a little like assessing a garden soon after it's planted. I want to be true to my process.

But it did feel good to see what has happened. It has been a very powerful four months, and I trust the results will continue exponentially. 

So yay to me, and all of you who have shared with me that you are on a similar journey. It's exciting to anticipate who we are becoming.

Now that this is written, I feel a desire to clean a closet or something. That will make me happy. So will your sharing your own tales of transformation with me. 

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