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Cleaning your plate is a bad idea. It's not about what's on your plate. It's about what you can digest. No matter what it cost you or who made it or how much anyone else can eat with impunity - if you can't digest it, don't eat it..

There might be some foods you can digest separately, but not together. You might have had a super meal at lunch, but it is still with you, and woe is you if you try to have the dinner that you digested just fine last week after a lighter lunch.

This is a metaphor for other things, including planning your day, week and life. It's not about what tasks are on your metaphorical plate, it's about what you can process without overloading your system.

It's a simple fact of life. You can't do more than what you can do. There is nothing noble about ignoring that fact and pushing yourself past your limits.

I could go on with the applications of this metaphor, but I won't. I don't want to put more on the plate than my readers can digest. Metaphorically speaking.

It's not about what's on your plate.

It's about what you can digest.


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