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It wasn't in the plan for me to spend hours each day reconfiguring, reworking and redesigning my website right now. Or let me say it wasn't in MY plan. We finally got a spring here, and the trees and flowers are magical. I'd love to spend hour out of doors. Yet here I am, figuring out how to make my website a) functional and b) beautiful. It's what I'm doing, thanks to malware and hacking, which forced me to upgrade.

So it's yet another a learning curve. You know what that's like? I spent many hours learning my old Joomla platform. I got to a certain level and let the experts handle the rest or left off the bells and whistles. Now, I'm learning a new platform. I'm also learning that I've learned how to learn. I am capable of doing so much more on my own than I was previously, because I'm more able to find out what I need to know. It's exciting to me to discover the answer to challenge after challenge that had plagued me.

I am working with a computer pro who also embraces discovery. He hasn't used these exact words, but his response to questions often amounts to: "I don't know, but I'll find out." And he does - if I don't beat him to it.

It does take patience. It's a process. And some of my links aren't working right now while my site is in this transition. Sorry about that! (And a genuine thanks to those who have pointed out links they were looking for and couldn't find.) I could make myself crazy and insist it all be perfect before it be live. But the malware made this too urgent for that, and I have twelve years of site to update. So I remind myself, this, like everything else, is a process. And I am learning, learning, learning "thanks" to the hackers whose antics made this a priority for me. 

Last year I created a SlideShare called "Learning to Learn with the Improvement Kata." Now I delight in how much I have learned to learn. I hit walls and want to give up at times. But then I find the next level of understanding and new worlds open up. I hope they are opening up for you too.


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