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MR Car toon 200Wednesday June 18th was the day we were waiting for. The move to the assisted living-apartment would be complete. The two-bedroom apartment would be beautiful and ready for mom and dad's joyful reunion. But it didn't quite happen that way. Dad moved in, but it would almost be another two weeks before mom was released from skilled nursing to join him. At least dad was closer to where mom was, plus he had care available. Were we there yet? Not quite... still getting there.

Monday, June 29th became the day we were waiting for. Mom was released and she and dad shared thier beautiful new home. But the landing wasn't smooth, and mom didn't have what she needed. Every day was wrought with problems. Were we there yet? Not quite... still getting there.

They've settled in, but now need to get the old house ready to sell. Are we there yet?

I say YES!!!

We made it. Sure, much remains to be done. I say, celebrate before we tackle the next hurdle - if just for a day. I'm headed to Cincinnati to visit them in their new home and to play with them. To enjoy them. Not just to help prepare the house for sale.

It wasn't the big transformational moment we had imagined, where we would savor the rewards for all our hard work on a single day. But I am going to back Cincinnati to declare us there


Yesterday may have been the day I've been waiting for. I've been tackling viruses and lost images and blog feed issues for months now. Yesterday, I believe we may have cleared a big hurdle. My email blog subscribers were treated (subjected?) to a feed that sent older post out as if they were new. Not what I had hoped would happen, but if this post goes out on schedule, I will breathe a sigh of relief. It will indicate to me that the fix really was a fix. 

Sure, much remains to be done. We will still spend days in cleanup work, before moving into a more creative focus. But I believe we just might have the major issues solved and have a foundation to move forward from. Kind of like my parents in their new home.

Are we there yet? I dare to think we could be. 

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