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office alter 2Well, it's one of my guiding lights. It works for me. And it might work for you.

What if you considered every surface, closet and drawer in your home to be an altar?

Not in the ritual sense, but in the sense of only placing things on every surface and in every closet and in ever door that honor the wholeness (holiness) of the location. Just like you wouldn't put an empty beer can on the church altar that you stand in front of while sharing wedding vows: what if you honored the true purpose of every spot in your home with conscious placement that considers intent and purpose?

It's amazing. I see many misplaced things that don't belong where they are when I go through my home and workspace with that visual filter. Things I miss without it. That perspective helps me with my Lean sorting and straightening.

The altar images alter my perception which alters my behavior which alters how I organize which alters how I work and live.

Try it this week and next Sunday I'll have a related post with something new to practice.

I love "altered states" that aren't illegal, harmful or delusional! 

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