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Today I presented at MWCC, a lean conference in Baltimore, about my Lean2Life adventure and my efforts to change habits and clean up messes to provide a solid foundation for moving forward in the next chapter of my life. I got all kinds of fabulous feedback about it. The program is called "The Inner Game of Lean and the Improvement Kata," and the buzz is my talk inspired people to think about their own inner obstacles to improvement. What I heard most is, "You brought lean down to earth."

Here's an amusing tale. I talk about how my husband and I are committed to creating space for grace - meaning we're leaving more room in our schedules. One attendee told me afterwards that she had a new puppy named Grace, and just that morning she had decided that she needed to create some "space for Grace." Pretty interesting, huh!

The slides are here. Obviously there is a story to each one. I was invited to present this as a webinar, which I will record, so it will be available eventually. Ahhh. Now I rest.



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