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ginseng 300Dr. Nawei noted that she gave me an herb in the ginseng family instead of ginseng because ginseng root is too strong for my system. I replied by saying that my system is fussy. 

  • I wouldn't say fussy. You're a delicate flower.  

She's right. If the flower fits, it's important to be it. And as much as I like to think I'm tough - and can be when I need to be - it's essential to honor my own nature. We ignore our constitutions at a cost.

It's also important to use words that honor rather than disparage our essence. If my system raises a fuss, it's because it is delicate. I'm learning to brew delicate teas at the proper temperatures, and I'm learning to respect the delicacy of my unique make-up. (Surprise! Coffee is good for this flower! Yay!) I t isn't the the immature rantings of the rose in the Little Prince. It's the mature fuss of a delicate flower who honors what she needs.


I've reacted to ginseng in the past. Dr. Nawei's herbs sit very well with me. She finds the right roots and herbs for this delicate flower.

May you find the roots that nourish your blossoms.. May you also find words that honor your essence.


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