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Cassia 300"I'm making this too complicated!" I Skyped to Cassia. "It's 1300 words and an eight minute recording!"

That's my tendency - to complexify. I'm working on the SpeakStrong Method Made Easy eCourse. In no way should that be complicated.

Cassia Skyped back:

  • Write a brief intro, three points and a summary/call to action. Then write three sentences for each point.

Suddenly I was unblocked and things started flowing - simply. Okay, three sentences per point is a bit too simple, but I needed to take it to the other extreme to get back to balance. 

I applauded Cassia for coaching me, the professional writer, in writng. She appauded me for listening. We applauded ourselves for being a good team.

Yay us! And yay for you when you get simple. Less is more - when I stop trying to do too much, I get way more done. 




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