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tea.300Something incredible happened yesterday. I'm not ready to talk about it - it's still sinking in to my being.

I am ready to share my theme for 2014. (I enjoy a fantasy that you're on the edge of your chair wondering what it is, like the latest Apple release. I also enjoy the fact that I don't mind if no one really is.) 

So my theme for 2014 is a refinement of 2013's Lean2Life and create Space for Grace. It's personal, because it's the balance I need. It probably won't work for you at all - your best theme is personal too. Drum roll please.

My 2014 theme to guide my steps is: Measured Steps.

The longer version is Mindful Measured Steps for Dynamic Wholeness. It's a year of taking it one step at a time, being mindful of each one. And it's a year of measurement. 

I'm one who doesn't use a recipe. I'm one who follows her sense of things. Gradually it has dawned on me that I could benefit by paying more attention to specific amounts. I even got a rain gauge, inspired by the flooding and reported amounts on TV station Facebook pages and they announced them. I found I liked being more measured.

I'll never be like Sharon who records every bite she takes and records her fat, protein, carb and sugar intake. Sharon has a precise target for each of those every day. It's fun for her. It probably would never be fun for me. But I can measure how much coconut oil I put on my lunch.

I'm enjoying increasingly augmenting my sense of things with measurements. I notice I'm fading and decide it's time to take a break - how long did I work? This tea is perfect - what blend did I create?

This is all obvious to some. It's amazing to me. And transforming.

It's also fun.

What's your theme for 2014? How will you use it to enrich your life?


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