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Jar 300Bob and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks and spoke of the magical impact Walt Disney had on us. Bob keeps a list of ordinary miracles he experiences every day. Things like a client cancelling, which then leaves an opening that allows him to do something he would have had to miss.

In a similar vein, after I posted about Burning Bowl Ceremony for letting go of the past, a reader wrote me about her ritual. She wrote:

"I have not heard of the burning ceremony before, but what a great idea!

This year my two best friends and I have decided to get a large jar each and every time something happens that makes you feel good, an experience, something nice someone said to you or just a fun day, we will write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar; we have asked our husbands and kids to do the same. Then on New Year we will all share our wonderful jar's together.. it is easy to forget simple things that made us happy throughout the year and this will be a lovely reminder."

What we put our attention on really does grow stronger in our lives. Why not create your own ritual for anchoring magical moments and fleeting treasures?



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