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What are you communication pet PEEVES?

Some of my communication pet peeves are: when I have to ask a question three times to get an answer. When people turn every conversation into how great they are or how unfair life is. And sarcasm. Sarcasm is high on the list. We all need to be tease-able, but I don't see any place for cutting remarks. Sarcasm is a barrier to effective communication. 

What are your communication pet peeves?

What are your communication pet PRACTICES?

Some of my communication pet practices (or best practices) are when people don't lose sight of the big picture when they point out errors. I love it when people show up sincerely - honestly - passionately - even if they disagree with me. I love it when people leave their phone numbers and times to reach them. 

What are your communication pet practices?

I invite you to share your peeves and practices.

We will discuss them at Thursday's Communication Agreement webinar, so I'd love to get them in advance. But I have other plans for them. If I get more than ten peeves and ten practices, I'll set them up for a vote. The people whose submissions win will get free subscriptions to my Say What You Mean eCourse. 

How to share your peeves and practices

You can submit your peeves and preferences by posting them here or emailing me at MerylRunion(at)SpeakSTRONG.com. If you are attending the February 3rd webinar, you can submit your peeves and practices on the webinar site by clicking the link you received when you registered. 

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