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Rude? Dismissive? Stupid? Or Beyond Busy?

overworked_thumbI hear a lot of people complain that we've become rude as a society. Some of what seems rude could be a "busyness" world that has gone beyond busy.

I hear a lot of people complain that we've lost our ability to think critically. Some of what seems to be a lack of critical thinking could be the result of a "busyness" world that has gone beyond busy.

The need for speed requires us to be more clear and more engaging in our communication than ever. We can complain about how difficult it is to be heard above the noise. Or we can adjust. We can make it easy for people to give us what we want and we can be as clear as possible. We can do our homework before we open our mouths and use phrases that cut through the fog. That's what the people who are succeeding in this new economy are doing. Think someone is being rude, stupid or dismissive? Maybe they are. Or maybe they need to do business with people who understand their busy-ness world and communicate accordingly.

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