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Social Network Movie Poster"The Social Network" is a fun and interesting movie. But I followed it up the same way I follow up most docudramas - by trying to find out what's real and what's fiction. Screenwriter Sorkin is quoted as saying, 

"I don’t want my fidelity to be to the truth; I want it to be to storytelling."

Okay - I get that - but the fact is most of us watch docudrama's thinking we're learning about actual events. Couldn't you at least provide some fact-checking of your own in the extras? I like a good story, too - but it reminds me of the friend who forwarded a scathing political email with the comment that "most of this has been verified by snopes.com". And the rest of it? Propaganda added to a world that has enough trouble separating fact from fiction. 

I'd like to see fidelity to good story-telling married to fidelity to truth. Then we'd really be SpeakingSTRONG.

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