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party_boxWhenever I delegate I wonder - how specific should I be? I want to offer enough guidance to get people on the right track, but not so much that I limit their thinking. People need some input to spark creativity, but too much stifles it. I like to see what people come up with on their own, but if I don't give them anything to go on, they often don't know how to start. 

My assistant Angela and I faced this dilemma when we wanted to give people an idea of what to wear to an event she's helping me plan. She told me about a couple who sent out pictures of "maybe not" and "maybe so" clothing choices. 

We found some "maybe not" photos, but I was a bit concerned that by posting pics of "maybe so's," we'd limit individual creativity. So instead we posted a picture that represents the event theme.

Here's the picture. It gives the idea of the theme with plenty of room for interpretation, which is what we wanted. We can't wait to see what people decide to wear! 

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