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tshirtAl lives pretty far from the Waldo Canyon burn area, so it was a surprise to him to discover that whenever he talks to his Colorado Springs clients, all conversations lead to the fire. 

It's true. I sought out the conversations wherever I went for about two weeks after we were allowed to return  home. Then I didn't need to talk about it anymore, but I did still welcome conversations initiated by others.

Some talk to relieve trauma. Others to learn. Others want to share an experience that had a huge impact on them. We've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (in the pic). 

It was a surprise for Al to discover that pretty much any conversation seems to segue into a discussion of the fire. I expected it. I expect it will be less and less but still a fact of life for a very long time. And that's natural. And okay. For one thing, those are the conversations that are making us more of a community than ever before. 

If all conversations lead to one thing with a group or individual you know, it might be natural and a bridge to their heart if you're willing to cross it. 

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