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crownIn the Legend of the Holy Grail, after years of languishing, the Fisher King is revived when the knight Parsifal asks:

                • Whom does the grail serve?

The King can represent thinking, or our inner CEO. Asking the King whom the grail serves is similar to asking our inner CEO:

                • Where's your heart?

When people want help with phrasing I inquire (often indirectly) where their heart is at the deepest level. My method is more about perspective than advice. Find The Synergy Center between your heart and your mind, and you more easily find the words for clarity and the strength for action. 

A gentle-spirited friend recently became a political activist when corporate interests conflicted with community values. She knows whom she serves. She knows where her heart is. She serves her family, community and the earth. That synergy of heart and mind gives her a strong clear voice and the will to use it. She is Speaking Strong.

What ails you? And where's your heart? It's a good thing to know. As with the Fisher King, even just asking the question can cure and enliven action.

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