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My virtual admin training camp is three weeks complete and one week to go, and we're having fun!

My sponsors, Briefings Media, initially planned to use a conference service that would require people to just call in when they had questions. I knew I needed something more robust - more interactive. So we got a system that allows me to keep the lines all open, and enables me to mute only those with background noise. 

Now I can tell when people laugh at my jokes and groan at the tales of woe!

But most importantly, people can chime in with input, questions and ideas.

They send me their tips and pictures and work and I incorporate them into the conference. It's so great to be able to illustrate the principles with examples from people in the group.

We are 20 gals and a guy strong, learning loads and having a grand time. I learn from them as they learn from me and we learn each other. 

The funny thing is, each time I get a bit nervous about whether it will flow well. After presenting over 1K times, you (I) would think I would have the confidence that it will. But even though I know it's likely to be great, I still get the jitters - until about two minutes in. On some levels, it's way easier to present a canned lecture that I control and not depend in any way on the brilliance of others. And yet it's way more powerful when everyone is smarter than anyone (including me) and they show up completely. 

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