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PowerPhrase: Forests and Trees

  • I get anxious when people give me too many details. I don't do trees. I do forests.

Thus spoke Jungian Psychologist Deb Stuart from "This Jungian Life" Podcast. I loved what she said. I love how playfully punchy her words are without being judgmental. I love the metaphor. I love the images. And I love how conscious she is of her own reaction to detail-heavy communication. I relate.

Oh, I knew that trying to process Bob's precise details was like drinking from a firehose. What I didn't know was how to express my challenge in a way he could understand. Last night I shared Deb's words with him and they seemed to have some impact. 

Later in the evening Bob was taking notes. I asked him what he was writing. He looked ponderous and I felt a big explanation coming on. I noticed his notes were titled Osteoporosis and I realized he was working on my blood chemistry. I answered my own question to him.

  • Me. Thats the forest version of what you are writing.

He repled, "Yes. You."

I believe he was relieved at not having to explain the entire process then and there. 

I could be imagining it but it sure seems he has been much more selective in his tree talk ever since. 

Don't get me wrong. I like trees. I often don't offer enough of them. My communication can be too abstract. There is a balance, and it helps to know what level you are speaking at. dense forest

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