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basket for a picnic with tableware and foods 300I have my theme set for 2014. Do you have yours?

I know what I want to cultivate, and I'm still reflecting about what I want to let go of. I figure it's not a New Year resolution in the sense of imposing different habits and being a different person as much as a New Year theme to cultivate qualities over the year.

More later. Today I want to tell you about my newly rediscovered childhood friends "Lynn" and Mary. 

I posted a picture on Facebook of myself playing a toy guitar in front of a Christmas tree at about age five. I noted that I used to sing as I walked around the block hoping to be discovered. Lynn commented, "Very few of us get discovered. If we're lucky, we eventually discover ourselves". She seems to have discovered herself. After five strokes she is currently living in a nursing home with an excellent sense of humor about such topics as how "Scrooge Insurance won't approve a wheelchair I can get up from".

Mary has discovered herself too. She posted about a dream where she was not at all impressed with a classy nightclub, and sat with friends on a colorful picnic table that turned into a magic carpet. They were careful to fly beneath the power lines.

Clearly Mary has discovered magic in the ordinary. I love her image of flying below the power lines. Great metaphor! I say we can fly above them, too. Just don't fly right in to them. In other words, there is plenty of room to enjoy our own lives in our own ways as long as we are aware of where those power lines are. Direct confrontation is necessary at times, but often we have plenty of room to be ourselves, as long as we stay aware of the lines of power around us.

I am delighted by my recently rediscovered treasure in dear old friends.

I delighted in this song yesterday about loving in spite of ourselves. John Prine.


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