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Sun 300Our Stay-cation was a resounding success. Bob and I both feel renewed by it. We also both feel clear - although we had very different initial definitions of clarity. For me, it was a sense of conscious awakeness. My meditations were deeper and I felt a sense of balance. For him, it was thinking functions. He could remember names from childhood and actors in movies. That indicated to him that his mind was working well.

There was a time when I judged my definition as superior. Not anymore. I added his definition of clarity to my own.

I'm playing with themes for the days of the week. Saturday was Joy Day. I played, kicked up my heels at dance and fed my spirit. Sunday was Grace Day. I rested, settled in with Bob and fed the sweetness of my heart. Today is Clear Day. After letting my mind rest a bit, today I will focus on the parts and the plans and enjoy the logical nature of my mind (as Bob does by default.) Tomorrow is Strong Day. More about that and the rest of the week later.

It's an experiment. This experiment makes a structure I've practiced intuitively more concrete. Or, I could say, more clear, logical and structured. After all, today is Clear Day. And so far, I'm liking it. 


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