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I have a home in Sarasota Florida that I rent to an 85-year-old woman. She has been there over twenty years now, and we have a wonderfully collaborative relationship.

The house has termites. The provider recommended "tenting" as the treatment of choice, but my tenant doesn't want to go through the inconvenience. The provider called me to discuss the options, and the extent of likely damage if we just went for "in the ground" treatment. He felt a professional obligation to let me know the consequences of either option and a human obligation to consider the age of my tenant in his recommendation. We went for "in the ground" treatment. Yes, I expect to have a bit more damage to repair down the road than I might have if we had "tented". It seemed like the best option in the circumstances. I am grateful to the provider for helping me make an informed and compassionate decision. This was a customer-focused conversation where he helped me weigh the options. So hats off to Hughs Terminators in Sarasota, Florida. 

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