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30-Lessons-for-Living-200x300Being old is better than you think. That's one chapter head for Tried and True Advise from the Wisest Americans. So far, I'm in! And who are these wise Americans who provide these juicy tidbits? One thousand people over age 65.

Our newspaper had an article that summarized the marriage points today. They aren't so surprising, yet they are profound. Shared values, friendship, don't keep score and talk to each other.

And number five is my favorite.

  • Don't commit to the partner. Commit to the marriage itself.

"Seeing the marriage as bigger than the immediate needs of each partner helps people work together to overcome the inevitable rough patches."

Actually, that's great advice for admin-exec relationships, teams and all kinds of partnerships. My assistant and I have a commitment to our partnership. If anything seems to interfere with our association, we clear it up.

Think about what commitment to a partnership instead of the partner might look like in your life. 

And while you're at it, think about why being old is really kind of cool.

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