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One of the first calls I received after returning home from our Waldo Canyon Fire evacuation was from Dan Mulhern, husband of Governor Jennifer Granholm. He was calling to let me know he had featured my book How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations in his Reading for Leading blog. His blog is a great resource - and so is the book - especially if there is anyone in your circle who seem to lose all sense of respect when you want to have a reasonable political conversation.

reasonable political conversationsWhat a nice welcome home that was. Since the Waldo canyon Fire, I learned a lot about fire-fighting strategies, which include fire diversion, abatement and containment. When I researched this book, I learned a lot about metaphorical fire-fighting. The techniques include conversational fire diversion, abatement and containment.

Check out Dan Mulhern's post and comment. I have tremendous respect for bothhim and his wife, and am totally honored by his endorsement. Plus it was nice to be reminded by his call that life does go on. Thanks-you Dan. 

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