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testing meetingIt's 16 hours away, but my How to Communicate in a Beyond-Busy World is already having a powerful effect–at least on me. For me, information has to be lived to matter. Somehow, every time I schedule a presentation, life arranges to put me on the hot seat of the topic. I need to be careful what I schedule myself for!

Preparing for the technical aspects of this presentation was and is a higher learning curve than I had anticipated. I was busy testing, selecting and learning a new webinar service. Well, actually, several new services. So I was later than planned in deciding which to use, and in a rush to get the information out. And guess what rushing meant. Mistakes. Redos. And not doing one of the things I emphasize in the webinar—taking enough time to have your first communication be clear and correct.

Happily someone reminded me that no matter what my challenges and flaws may be, I am a beacon to the world. My intent is to pass on that same message to you, about you, tomorrow. So I've been testing and practicing and testing and practicing. That's me on the left in my Curious George t-shirt, playing with my webcam.

I've done diligence. But there are no guarantees. As with the cats in the cat circus I attended recently, anything can happen. I will say I'm feeling really good about the presentation and the service I choose. So join us for this free webinar and learn, share and get a handle on How to Communicate in a Beyond-Busy World

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