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Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

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Joe is militantly honest. He stands by his right to take people out with "the truth." He says what he means and means what he says and justifies his venom and meanness when he says it by calling himself honest. 

Joe is very gifted and lacks compassion for anyone who can't do what he can immediately. People in his life dance around his definitions or go away. 

Being around him is exciting and dynamic, but I don't stay in his orbit because I can't be me there.  I hope your world increasingly takes you to places where you can sincerely...


Authentic communication lets the be-you-ty in you unfold, one conversation at a time. You might find that what comes out of your mouth is a poor imitation of what's in your heart. Your words might lack polish and not get the response you're going for right away. You might find yourself yearning for the mask that kept you safe for so many years. That's okay. It's all part of what makes you so beyoutiful - to those with eyes to see. I am wishing you the eyes to see that in your very own self.  



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I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think? Lots of great communication tips.

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