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CSPI once adopted a personal motto to:

  • Dare to be ordinary

I was on a major learning curve and found it hard to put myself out every day knowing my best wasn't always "rated" good enough. It was tempting to pretend, but by being myself, I gradually got my skills up to speed.

I actually DID get a medal for my persistence - a Certified Speaking Professional medal. It's for excellence in the speaking industry. I say it's for daring to be my ordinary self - a work in process - until I got good. Or, to use another motto of mine, I had to practice, which involved expressing my true self ineffectively before expressing my true self effectively. 

Another way to refer to it is humility. Oh, my, it was humbling and tranformational. 



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I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think? Lots of great communication tips.

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