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PowerPhrase 300He sounded frantic. His voice was demanding as he exclaimed, "I need help with my computer, now!"
I continued seasoning my food. I considered his exclamation as a request and replied,

  • I'll help you when I finish my lunch.

"I should come first," he retorted. He had a habit of going in to crisis mode, and of using his sense of crisis to pressure me. I knew it could wait. I countered,

  • Don't do this to me. I'll get to you when I'm ready. Pressure won't help. 

I calmly took a bite of my chicken and looked at the clock. I assessed how this new event would affect my work day. He left me to savor my well-prepared lunch. It was delicious.

This PowerPhrase protected my priorities, kept me out of crisis mode and helped me maintain my balance. By the way - the conversation took place in my dreams.

I practice Speaking Strong day and night! More on dreams tomorrow. 


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