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decideDecisions, decisions. Some of us are decision challenged. Why? I better understood my own hesitancy to make decisions when I discovered the word root yesterday.

Did you know that the word "decide" has the same root as the words homicide and suicide? Think about that one for a moment! What dies when you decide something? Options. Making a decision literally means you kill off options. 

I'm a gentle spirit and don't like the idea of killing anything, including options—which might be why focus can be a challenge for me sometimes. However, as I'm sure you've heard before, not deciding can be a decision. Options are also killed by procrastination.


Okay, I started this post many hours ago. And I got this far and couldn't quite ...deCIDE how to end it. I made a lot of false starts. And then I identified my challenge.

I had assumed that I couldn't raise the topic without deCIDING what it all means and telling you what to do with the information. The fact that I haven't reached that point kept me from posting...

Until it occurred to me that I could post honestly. I could simply say, I don't quite know what to make of it yet. But I find it fascinating, and that's why I'm sharing it with you. 

Interesting. Instead of killing off options, I discovered a new one, and that made deciding easy. 

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