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success_storiesFrom a reader:

All the very best to you for this festive season.

It is a few years back that I came across your "Power Phrases". With that in hand I started a journey which, so far, has included more books and courses, etc. Self-confidence, skills at handling situations, happiness, contentment, better relationships and a level of control of my life that I have not experienced previously, are the byproducts of this journey.

A daughter and her family are visiting. She was making a few digs and negative comments which I noticed. I had done something and she said, "Don't worry family, that's a Dad thing". So I considered if I would handle it, decided to do so and said, "Help me understand what just happened, were you cracking a joke or having a dig at me?" She said, "A bit of both". I replied OK, thanks I thought it was a dig and a joke. Since then there are more jokes and no digs.

I appreciate your decision to share your skills and knowledge. You have made a wonderful difference in the lives of thousands of people and made, in that way, the world a better place.

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