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I felt prepared and confident before presenting The 12 Admin Roadblocks and Remedies Webinar - but I also felt somewhat funky and my energy was low. That all changed in the first two minutes of the webinar. My assistant, Angela, had asked if she could introduce me. She said she had been eager to do that. She explained that some things had been bubbling up for her and she wanted to communicate them. I didn't ask her anything about what she might say.

I was stunned by what she said. Angela's words had the power of heart, clarity and authenticity. She spoke of how deeply impactful working with me has been. She spoke about how transformative being on a SpeakStrong Journey was for her. Even if she hadn't been speaking about me, I would have been deeply impressed and moved by her words. The fact that it was about me touched me deeply. Her authentic expression set the tone for the webinar.

Later, I told Angela that I think her words say more about her than about me. Obviously I must be doing something right to win that much respect, but I also know how flawed I am. Working with me can be challenging in many ways. Angela's words of praise may be deserved, but the fact that she doesn't let my limits overshadow her appreciation of me is a reflection on her.

I wondered how many of the admins who attended the webinar could speak of the people they support in the same way. I would hope it would be true for all of them. Everyone needs an Angela.

When I present, I never know what the highlight will be for me. In this case, it was the introduction. If you work in support of someone, what would your version of Angela's introduction sound like? Would you be able to say something that catalyzes the excellence in your manager as she did for me? Think about that as you enjoy the replay. 


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