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candle.300First, for my Feedburner subscribers - so sorry about the errant posts going out. We're doing a lot of work on the blog, and that seems to confuse the feed. Someday it will be sorted and well worth the kerfuffles.

Bob and I are taking a real holiday. Pulling the plug. Not going into total silence, but close. We used to go to Santa Fe for spa intensives a couple times a year, but this year the spa is coming to us. 

It hasn't started yet, but it already feels like we're being enveloped in beauty and ease. We're preparing things so we won't have to come out of our massages, cranial sacral, reflexology, etc. to take care of things. We're creating a sacred and beautiful environment. 

As I settle in, I find my heart welling up in gratitude for so many things. One, of course, is to be able to pull back and dive into complete relaxation like this. Another is the incredible teachers I've had over the years. Evan Hodkins is my main one, but there are so many others.

Last year Bob and I set out to create "space for grace" in our lives. We still have a ways to go, but the transformation over the last year is gratifying. That journey started on Christmas Eve. Seeing how far we've come inspires me to create a vision for next year. What will it be? What will yours be?

Blessings to you all. Thanks for being a part of my journey to me. 


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