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Computer wiresBob and I were thinking it, but Noel is the one who said it.

  • I think we're done.

When you fix things at the root and you create integrated systems, it can seem like an endless process. Would we ever arrive? We were thinking we had, but only Noel dared speak the words.

Noel is our new computer tech. Noel is amazing. We're actually glad that our previous computer guy changed the network in a way that created all kinds of problems, and then went on vacation. That forced us to find Noel.

Noel got everything working as it should and connected the pieces. Two of my USB ports weren't working. I have numerous ports, but Noel insisted on fixing the broken ones anyway. That required him to know what kind of mother board I have, and since it's at the bottom of the computer, that required him to take the computer apart. In the process, he removed some wires that went nowhere and discovered some loose screws that had been left on the bottom of the unit. 

He even tamed the jungle of wires in the back of my computer. His comment was,

  • It's called pride in your work.

It took a long time. We joke, "What time is Noel coming today?" because he has become part of our lives. He will be back for this and that, but as for the major overhaul, (do I dare say it?),

  • I think we're done.


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