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"Wow. Thanks for the video. lol" That was feedback on a recent post from one of my subscribers. 

Oops 300I did preview the beginning of the YouTube video Alive by Goldfrapp, but didn't watch it through. It would have been a good idea to have previewed the whole thing. I commented on the dark nature of her make-up, but didn't realize how ghoulish the video becomes. It doesn't match the experience I had dancing to the audio at all.

So the moral of the story is, preview things all the way through before you pass them on.

I AM feeling alive again, and it does't look anything like the video. ;-)  Thanks for the heads up, Al.


I also received some wonderful and insightful responses to this post. One reader mentioned that I posted it on Good Friday - a day filled with death, but with the promise of eternal life. That reader also mentioned that her moving in with her boyfriend was death to independent living, but new life for the relationship. I love her observations. Life is like that. Decisions literally mean killing off options for the options we select.

That point matches the intended spirit of the post... much better than the visuals in the Goldfrapp video. I'll just say the level of darkness doesn't elicit the effect I was going for. Perhaps I need to create my own video - with an emphasis on life.


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