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David ChristmasI went to see my chiropractor yesterday. His Grandfather passed the day after my Step Mom did. He said, "His last gift to us was getting the whole family together for Christmas." Very well put (if not taken too literally.)

When people asked Dad how he was doing, he replied, "Remarkably well." It was true. Everyone at assisted living was astonished since his marriage was considered a soul mate bonding. I like the way Dad put it. People expected him to be broken, and the words acknowledge that expectation. They also acknowledge the reality. We felt more touched by the divine than by darkness.

The experience was precious. That's one of the reasons I didn't post much. I haven't posted at all on FaceBook (but will soon.) I was relatively silent with my inner circle. I left after dance without viviting yesterday. I am landing at home now, and reemerging very gradually. 

We're doing remarkably well, but it seems too soon to remark on it much. This is my beautiful son with me celebrating Christmas with the extended family. This is us enjoying Mom's "last gift." 


PS: I forgot that the blog feed doesn't send out videos. The link to the one I posted yesterday is here,

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