"Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say Without Being Mean When You Say It" ~ Meryl Runion Rose                                ShoppingCart Plum NB 50

Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

Start your conversations, meetings and events productively. Break the ice with purpose.

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How you begin a business conversation or meeting sets the stage for success. Perfect Phrases for Icebreakers has hundreds of ready-to-use phrases to get your interactions off on the right foot. From jump-starting meetings, to motivating teams, to turning any situation into a positive networking event, this streamlined guide provides you with the right words to:

  • Highlight important topics in meetings or conversations
  • Motivate people to share resources and support
  • Add levity to personal or group interactions
  • Inspire collaboration and creativity
  • Pique curiosity about your message

Discover the power of icebreakers with purpose.

Get conversational icebreakers, meeting icebreakers and event icebreakers that will dissolve defenses and jump-start meaningful, reliable conversation.

No mind-numbing phrases in this icebreaker book. These phrases are natural, genuine and influential. 

Quotes from Book:

"People are engaged by and often remember your very first words best. However, we often wrestle with those very first words, the icebreaker phrases, the most."

"Openers are icebreakers prepare the soil for the growth of productive discussions, collaborations, and relationships. Where you start how you start influence the entire conversation more than we tend to think."

Reader Review
Perfect Phrases For Icebreakers is a gem. Situational, adaptable and usable, this book is more than a read, it is a resource. In working as a professional speaker and sales coach, I preach to build relationships, you must be able to really get to know your client. Sometimes the toughest part of relationship building is STARTING the conversation. Kudos! --Michael Rooby


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