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This page offers a plethora of fantastic tools and free resources.  Start with the Online Tools, where you can take the Communication Style Inventory and learn what style you lead with.  Online Tools also contains inspirational movies, an interactive exercise and a tutorial on how to use PowerPhrases!  You can view the SpeakStrong database of helpful articles, subcribe to the newsletter, blog, or quote of the day. There are also some free downloadable posters at the bottom!

Circle of Friends Community 300Follow this link to the online tools page offering a variety of links to pages that illustrate the Speak Strong Principles and help you practice Speaking Strong. Featuring a Communication Styles Inventory quiz to enable you to determine your own communication style, two other online exercises, an MP3 audio interview with Meryl, and two SpeakStrong videos.

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Follow this link to an index of free SpeakStrong articles that will help you find the words for your communication challenges. I invite you to enjoy these articles, forward them to friends, and reprint them in your publications with attribution.

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This is a free newsletter to keep you posted on SpeakStrong activities. It used to be "A PowerPhrase a Week" but I don't send them out much anymore - just when there's news. The blog is the place for PowerPhrases now. Click below to register for the newsletter. http://www.speakstrong.com/resources/newsletter

Lightbulb1Be sure to sign up for the SpeakStrong blog. I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think? Lots of great communication tips.

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Meryl's Performance Management Flow Chart Image LinkMeryl's Performance Management Flow Chart:
The 'Ask the Right Question' Problem-Solving Worksheet for an Essential Managerial Problem-Solving Exercise provides eleven steps to manage performance issues. This full-color PDF chart illustrates the flow, and you can save it to your computer, or even print it for future reference!



PowerPhrases PDF poster Image LinkPowerPhrases! Poster:
PowerPhrases are short, specific, targeted expressions that say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. This full-color PDF poster reminds you to use PowerPhrases to get your point across. Save it to your computer, or print it out for posting, and keep on Speaking Strong!


Standards of Responsible Communication Poster Image LinkSpeakStrong's Standards of Responsible Communication Poster:
This full color PDF outlines my Standards of Responsible Communication. When you make agreements with others about how you will speak to each other, that is responsible communication and that is Speaking Strong! I invite you to download, print, and adapt my standards to meet your own communication needs.

This Poster (10¾" X 16½") is available for sale at the SpeakStrong Store


Your Ultimate Communication Formula PDF Poster Image LinkThe Ultimate Communication Formula Poster:
This full-color, downloadable PDF poster of my favorite communication formula - the ultimate communication formula - reminds us always to say what we mean and mean what we say without being mean when we say it.


The FACE Formula PDF Poster Image LinkThe FACE Formula Poster:
SpeakStrong's FACE Formula: Facts, Appreciation, Consequence (or Cost), and Expectation...to address issues and ask for what you want. Download and print out this full-color poster to help you to remember to face your problems and Speak Strong!


The CASE Formula PDF Poster Image LinkThe CASE Formula Poster:
Sometimes, all you have to do is ask, and you receive. Other times, you need to exchange ideas, explore issues, and negotiate outcomes. That's when the CASE Formula comes in handy. Clarify, Assert, Seek Solutions, and Evaluate to address conflict, illustrated in this full-color, downloadable and printable PDF poster.


The ACT Formula PDF Poster Image LinkThe ACT Formula Poster:
SpeakStrong to say no! Sounds simple, but sometimes that two letter word is one of the hardest words to learn in the English language. Use this simple, helpful formula (complete with PowerPhrases!) to say "no" in three easy steps. Download and print this PDF poster as a reminder to Speak Strong!


The 5 C's of Responsible Leadership PDF PosterThe 5 C's of Responsible Leadership Poster:
This full-color, downloadable PDF poster outlines the 5 C's for Responsible Leadership: Clarity, Conviction, Courage, Candor, and Creative expression. As a responsible leader, use this poster as a reminder to Speak Strong for effective leadership...and become the leader your employees want you to be!

This Poster (10¾" X 16½") is available for sale in our SpeakStrong Store

The Totally Integrated Performance Review PDF Poster Image LinkThe Totally Integrated Performance Review Poster:
The Totally Integrated Performance System involves five processes, each of which requires their own separate conversations. This full-color, downloadable PDF poster outlings the 5 processes necessary for positve and productive performance reviews.


The TIPS System PDF Poster Image LinkThe TIPS System Poster:
The Totally Integrated Performance System...for seamless and painlessly productive performance reviews. This full-color PDF poster illustrates the process throughout the year. Print out this poster as a reminder to Speak Strong for the effective management (and advancement) of your employees.