"Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say Without Being Mean When You Say It" ~ Meryl Runion Rose                                ShoppingCart Plum NB 50

Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

SpeakSTRONG Services


Meryl Runion and SpeakStrong offer a variety of ways to learn The SpeakStrong Method and develop your communication skills and the collaborative potential of your teams and company.

Services include

  • Keynotes and breakouts
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Online individualized intensives 
  • Webinars
  • Communication retreats by request




  • $4500 1-1 ½ hour
  • $5500 half day
  • $6500 whole day
  • Half price in Colorado, second day outside of Colorado is billed at 2/3 of the cost of day one
  • Fees include a copy of the book SpeakStrong or PowerPhrases for up to 700 attendees


The SpeakStrong Method Intensive

  • $500 per person - For a limited time, you can save $300 on this fantastic service! Just use the coupon code ISpeakStrong.
  • Option 2 with 5 group sessions in addition to the personal sessions is $600


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I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think? Lots of great communication tips.

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What people say

“Your skills were unparalleled by any of my previous experiences”
Chuck Anderson, Trainer Current Inc.

"Your energy level and enthusiasm always carries the day. It seems like you are talking to each of us individually as you lace your talk with examples we all can relate to. It was great to have you back again."
~ Terry Zarsky, Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

"My group loved her. They had nothing but praise for her presentation. In speaker evaluations the audience echoed again and again that they planned to incorporate PowerPhrases into their lives and businesses. Even more, she was an absolute professional to work with."
~ Matt Sherwood, Brooks International Speaker’s Bureau.

"We received nothing but rave reviews about the presentation, style, and approach to the course contents from our employees." 
~ Georgia Puls, Iowa Mutual

"Reaction to your presentation was unqualified delight. Our attendees (customers) were excited and inspired by your address."
~ Mark Kempf, ASQ

"One of the best speakers/ instructors ever."
~ Maderia Long, IRS

"A true professional with an important message she communicates in a powerful and practical manner."
~ Marcia Duggin

"Her presentation was lively, well received, concrete and practical. She held our attention."
~ Carloyn Barrett, City of Virginia
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