"Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say Without Being Mean When You Say It" ~ Meryl Runion Rose                                ShoppingCart Plum NB 50

Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

Speak Strong: A Leadership Skill, a Success Strategy and a Moral Imperative.

SpeakStrongResearch shows 90% of us stay silent in situations that call for strong words.

Don't want to rock the boat?

Author Meryl Runion Rose, CSP, explains why some boats NEED to be rocked!

… for the right reasons… at the right time… in the right way.

  • Know when it's time to speak up
  • Overcome resistance to unwelcome truths
  • Establish and implement boundaries
  • Create new communication standards
  • Supercharge your message
  • Elevate the quality of your conversations
  • Overcome destructive communication habits
  • Put your best foot forward sincerely

Meryl Runion Rose's PowerPhrases! Book Series has helped over a quarter million readers find the perfect phrases to communicate clearly. Speak Strong is the perfect next step for those who rely on communication skills to build successful careers and relationships.

"I picked up your Speak Strong book at the ASQ Audit Division conference. Just wanted to say thank you for your insights. I am pleased to say that I am already doing some of the positive things in your book. However, I have caught myself doing some of the negative as well, and am now, thanks to you, assertively working to increase the 'positive/power' factor in my speech."


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I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think? Lots of great communication tips.

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