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Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

The 3 Sources of Power for Office Pros & Admins MP3

Three--sources-of-power 300HThis is the audio of a keynote I gave to an IAAP meeting about how Admins can communicate gracefully and effectively. Today more than ever before, assistants need to be strong, savvy, and saintly. Sound impossible? It's not.

How to SpeakStrong and Master Tough Conversations

  • Learn how the most effective assistants get people to respect their authority with little or no disagreement.
  • Learn how to cut to the core of every conversation to get the information and understanding you need - fast.
  • Discover the words to use to take charge without sounding like you're trying to take over.
  • Find out how savvy assistants refer to their jobs and their responsibilities in ways that win them respect and cooperation.

Get six "secret weapons" you can use immediately to master those tough exchanges assistants need to have every day. Finally, learn the Ultimate Communication Formula that will guide every word you speak from the moment you start work until you head back home at the end of the day.

This is an instant mp3 download.

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How to Add Power and Persuasion to Your Writing

Power-and-Persuasion 300HA one-hour long communication webinar that gives you the ability to write more effectively. Available as an instant mp3 download.

How to Add Power and Persuasion to Your Writing:

With Barbara McNichol's Door Opening Copywriting Techniques. Barbara is the expert on persuasive copywriting, and this presentation combines our expertise in a way that helps you find a stronger voice in your writing.



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Bridge the Communication Style Gap

Styles 300H

Another great webinar that touches on the tips and practices that I learned and developed through the school of hard knocks and inward reflection and deliberation.

How to Say Anything to Anyone with Inter-Style Communication

Leverage your communication style. If you took the SpeakStrong Communication Inventory and want to get the whole picture of how The SpeakStrong Method guides "Inter-style Communication," this is your resource.

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Cool Tools to Speak Powerfully

Cool tools 300HThe SpeakStrong Method offers this one hour long presentation. Full of tips and practices that come from in-depth observation and practice. 

Cool Tools to Speak Powerfully:
Five Concrete Communication Techniques. These formulas will help you find the perfect words to communicate what YOU think, feel and want - powerfully.

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MP3 Audiobook: PowerPhrases Amplified

PPAmplifiedSay What You Mean, Mean What You Say, Get What You Want

Get an in-depth understanding of Power Phrases. We're talking six hours of informative and entertaining communication training. 

PowerPhrases Amplified provides countless stories and illustrations of how PowerPhrases work in action. You will walk away with practical and priceless solutions you can use right now.

You'll WANT to listen again and again. That's how change happens - through repetition, repetition, repetition. (Shall I say that again?) Repetition helps information and new ways of thinking get deep into your consciousness. You’ll find yourself practicing skills you didn’t know you had.

 Discover how to:

  • Avoid "Poison Phrases" that are ineffective or backfire
  • Perfect the connection – quickly when seconds count
  • Disagree without being disagreeable yourself
  • Apologize sincerely without groveling
  • Get others to speak freely and openly
  • Say "no" with grace, tact, and resolve
  • Make your opinion matter most
  • Ask so you will receive
I was surprised as to how much information was on this set. If you are into self-help and speaking types of products, you will enjoy this especially because it's so well done. She has a great take on empowering yourself to speak up. Is the material new? Somewhat. Is her take on it fresh and encouraging? Absolutely! - Douglas Figueredo

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Also available in CD format for $62.96

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