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Be Strong. Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Free. Be YOU!!!

SpeakStrong Made Easy eCourse Agenda

"Imagine a world where everyone says what they mean,
means what they say, without being mean when they say it."
How can I help you get clear this year?
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How do you eat an elephant?
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The SpeakStrong Made Easy eCourse is a 13 module, 52 session, Year-Long Course
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The SpeakStrong Made Easy eCourse Curriculum for the Complete Year-Long Program.

Module One: How to Change Your Bad Communication Habits into Good Ones

Session One: If I don't know I'm not perfect, does that mean that I am?
Five Steps to Identify Unconscious Reactive Communication Habits
Session Two: I used to be perfect until someone turned on the lights.
How to Make Your Unconscious Communication Habits Conscious
Session Three: Pardon the remodeling mess.
Seven Steps to Turn Counterproductive Communication Habits into Conscious Responsive Habits
Session Four: I'm a natural.
How to Stabilize Responsive Communication Habits

Module Two: You Don’t Say: The Conversations You’re Not Having That You Should Be

Session One: I’m busy that night. I have to wash my hair.
Name the Lame Excuse: The Nine Reasons Why You Don’t Speak Up When You Need To
Session Two: The straight-talk express.
Lose the Lame Excuse: How to Overcome the Barriers to Speaking Up and Out
Session Three: Let’s talk about how we talk.
A Conversation about Conversations: How to Initiate Difficult Conversations
Session Four: I can handle the truth.
Power Phrases to Create an Open Communication Culture and / or Relationship

Module Three: Passive and Aggressive and Assertive

Session One: One man’s aggression is another man’s assertion.
Assertive Communication Defined – Assertiveness Myths Debunked
Session Two: A five-letter word that starts with B and rhymes with itch…
Is There a Bias Against Assertive Women? How to be Assertive without Inviting the “B” Label.
Session Three: Doesn’t the “B” word stand for “Being in Total Control of Herself?”
Assertive Communication Scripts: Phrases You Need to Overcome Passive and Aggressive Patterns
Session Four: I’m smart enough, I’m good enough, and doggone it, people like me.
Assertiveness Training and Exercises – Self-Talk and Processes to Practice Your New Style

Module Four: Compelling Communication Formulas

Session One: What about me?
Think / Feel / Want: Your Keys to Self Expression
Session Two: Excuse me, that’s my foot you’re stepping on.
FACE Your Issue: How to Request a Behavior Change
Session Three: Let’s make this work for us both.
Make Your Case: How to Address Conflict
Session Four: There’s something I want you to know…
Your Ultimate Communication Formula

Module Five: Emotions as Communication Power Tool

Session One: It’s time to bring out the big guns.
The Secret Power of Emotional Communication
Session Two: Can I get a PhD in feelings?
Intelligent Emoting
Session Three: “Why can’t they be like we are – perfect in every way?”
Emotional Differences between Men and Women and How to Avoid Stereotyping Women as Too Emotional
Session Four: I’ll tell you how I feel as soon as I find the right phrase.
PowerPhrases to Communicate Emotion without Losing Credibility

Module Six: Talk the High Road

Session One: On the brighter side…
It Starts With You: The Power of the Positive
Session Two: Imagine a world where…
How to Talk the Walk You Want
Session Three: Some say I’m reality-challenged.
The Difference between Positive Communication and Wishful Thinking, Complicity, and Denial
Session Four: I see it differently…
How to Disagree and Still Come Across as Positive

Module Seven: How to Influence People with the Power of Persuasion

Session One: For three easy payments I will solve all your problems forever
It’s about Persuasion, Not Manipulation
Session Two: It’s not a no-brainer, it’s a whole brainer…
Persuasion and whole brain communication
Session Three: Picture yourself…
Persuasive Phrases That Convince
Session Four: I couldn’t have said it better myself…
How to Use the Four Most Compelling Persuasion Techniques

Module Eight: The Fine Art of Listening

Session One: What you said got me thinking…
Why Listening is Key to Assertive Communication
Session Two: Let me make sure I understand…
Reflective Listening Scripts to Clarify Understanding
Session Three: Why did you do something so stupid?
The Dos and Don’ts of Questions as a Listening Tool
Session Four: Lend me your ear.
How to Get Others to Practice the Fine Art of Listening

Module Nine: How to Handle Difficult People

Session One: Did you intend it that way…?
How to Handle Passive Aggressive People
Session Two: You have a great face for radio…
How to Respond to Sarcasm
Session Three: I understand you’re upset…
How to Deal with an Angry Person
Session Four: I’d like to work together on…
How to Handle Defensive People

Module Ten: The Art of Effective Questioning

Session One: Are you fine today?
Open-ended Questions versus Closed Questions
Session Two: How did that affect you?
How to Defuse Conflict by Asking Good Questions
Session Three: I’d like to get to know you…
Icebreaker Questions to Get to Know Someone
Session Four: How long have you been beating your wife?
The Misuse and Abuse of Questions

Module Eleven: Gender, Intercultural and Intercommunication Style Communication

Session One: She took it like a man
Bridging the Male-Female Gap
Session Two: It’s a cultural thing
Intercultural Communication Considerations
Session Three: It’s like, totally cool.
Cross Generational Communication
Session Four: The short version is…
Communicating with Different Communication Styles

Module Twelve: Powerful Email Communication

Session One: Please delete me
How to Write Strong Subject Lines in Emails
Session Two: Leaving Friday, back in two weeks.
How to Use Subject-Line Only Emails
Session Three: Contained in this email…
Email Formatting for Clarity
Session Four: Act now
How to Write Persuasive Emails

Module Thirteen: Authentic Communication

Session One: Brand You
Speak From Your Center
Session Two: Here’s the heart of the matter…
Emotional Honesty
Session Three: I didn’t know I meant that until I said it.
Communication as a Path of Self-Discovery
Session Four: It’s all said and done.
The Purpose of Words: to Create Silence

Don't forget, if you register for the SpeakStrong Made Easy eCourse now and you'll receive a free downloadable PDF poster, Some Boats Need to Be Rocked!

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